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KSV specializes in international estate and succession planning and process management for high net worth clients and their relatives, heirs and legatees, taking into account the civil law and tax law issues, and the relevant rules of private international law.

International individuals need tailored solutions to address the laws and practices of multiple jurisdictions when planning their inheritance, and also during the administration of an estate.

KSV is client-focused and works in a pro-active, problem-solving manner, guiding clients through legal, bureaucratic and cultural complexity. KSV acts as a single point of contact for its clients by coordinating and managing all required work streams to provide an efficient and cost effective service.


Stéphanie VIALE

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Areas of Advice and Specialization

International Estate Planning

Clients who are not nationals of the country in which they are resident, or who have assets in several different countries must address numerous international law issues in planning their succession.

KSV’s advises its clients to prepare their international inheritance taking into account the applicable civil law and tax law issues, and other related matters. KSV analyses the client’s current status and assets, and then tailors specific solutions to achieve as far as possible the client’s goals and intentions for their estate. KSV assists its clients to understand and anticipate possible legal disputes, areas of uncertainly, and the potential unintended consequences which, in the absence of proper planning, could arise when administering the estate.

Understanding the implications for your estate when investing

KSV answers its client’s questions before they embark on new investments into real estate or moveable assets, and provides a comprehensive analysis of the direct implications of any planned investments on the settlement of a future international succession. Such advance planning gives high net worth clients the required information to evaluate how to spread their assets and ensure the estate is passed down in the most efficient way possible.

Ensuring you have the right last will and testament

KSV assists its clients who intend to put in place testamentary dispositions by advising them on the relevant rules of private international law in order to:

  • Identify any source of future disputes which could result from conflicts and interference between applicable laws in different jurisdictions,
  • Identify and manage the potential tax implications.

Preparing an international succession requires coordination and proper implementation in the different legal systems which are involved. Proper planning ensures that the intended dispositions are correctly executed, and that the international tax aspects are correctly managed so that the client’s assets are transferred in a tax-efficient manner.

Advising relatives, heirs and legatees in the international succession process

Relatives, heirs and legatees in an international succession often require assistance to understand the applicable laws and procedures which apply in multiple foreign jurisdictions. KSV advises and assists the relatives, heirs and/or legatees to understand the civil and tax law issues involved in each different succession process. This includes advising them on their rights, and also advising them on what steps to take and when during the inheritance process. Where required, KSV coordinates for its clients with the notaries, lawyers, accountants, tax advisors and other professionals involved in the process. Thus, KSV provides the relatives, heirs and legatees with a single point of contact addressing the complex laws and practices of multiple foreign jurisdictions.

Principal Partner – Stéphanie VIALE

Stéphanie Viale, Principal partner of KSV - Wills, Successions & Estate planner

Stéphanie VIALE is the Principal Partner of KSV. Stephanie VIALE has over 13 years of experience gained working at notaire firms in Monaco and France. She was routinely involved in numerous large international succession administration processes, as well as real estate and corporate transactions. She has developed a wide network with top international law and tax experts across the world to ensure seamless advice and single point of contact for her clients.

Degrees: Maîtrise “Carrières Judiciaires” University Nice; DESS Droit Notarial, University Nice, Diplôme Supérieur du Notariat, University Aix-en-Provence.

Languages: English, French and Italian.


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Stéphanie VIALE

KSV - International estate, succession planning & process management

11 boulevard Albert Ier
98000 MONACO
+33 658 19 83 09

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